Starfall follows the adventures of the Carouvel Traveling Acting Troupe - a theatre troupe that uses magical items to create illusions for their shows as they move around the Falstenian Empire. The story begins as the troupe is joined by Leona, a young warrior with a mysterious past and even more mysterious powers. With their new guardian in tow, the troupe traverses the continent, encountering the dangers of humans, fae, and greater forces alike, all while still trying to put on a good show.


Creator: Claudia Elvidge (she/her)
Producer: Claudia Elvidge
Writer: Claudia Elvidge
Composers: Trace Callahan (they/she), Tay (he/him)
Audio Editor and Sound Designer: Claudia Elvidge
Cover Artist: Orion Tuesday Ibert (they/he)
Website: Tal Minear (they/them)


Leona (she/her)Ishani Kanetkarshe/her@ishanikanetkar
Fel (he/him)Sam B. Nguyenhe/him/his@Raethr_VO
Dalyn (he/him)Cole Burkhardthe/him@Kingcoleminer
Aksol (they/them)Malcolm Jay(he/they)@Roetgenium111
NarratorMargaret Ashleyshe/her@1Margaretashley
Raybar (she/her)Emma Laslettshe/they@Waruce
Hosse (he/him)Brandon Nguyenhe/him@MisplacedTextVA
Elsibel (she/her)Maxime Hendrikse Liushe/her@mhendrikseliu
Hestren (they/them)Emily C. A. Snydershe/they@emilycasnyder
Vair (he/him)Sawyer Greenehe/they@queer_elf_club
Jyrsa (she/her)Elissa Parkthey/them@AdoxTalks
Hayver (he/him)Zaire Brownhe/him@art _ by _ black
Grin (she/her)Sophie Borjónthey/them, she/herN/A
Rhea (she/her)Lindsay Zanashe/her@LindsayZana
Glenn (he/him)D.J. Sylvisthey/them@deejsylvis
Mint (she/her)Juniper Whiteshe/herN/A
Koua (they/them)Shade Oyemakinwathey/them & she/her@LMOcreates
Thyme (he/they)Rook Mogaverothey/them@CorvidCastle12
Basil (he/they)Cass McPheehe/him, they/them@cassaclyzm
Kio (she/they)Tal Minearthey/them@starplanes
Velette (they/them)Cam Clarkthey/them@Pocceto
Macalus (he/him)Sean Sieglerhe/him@thepocketsnacks
Colden (he/him)Toby Harveyhe/him@space_lich
Dots (she/her)Liz Moreythey/them/theirs@lizmoreyspeaks
Lumen (he/they)Algie Toddany (random mix)@algietheodd
Centhy (she/her)Ally Amadorshe/her@allyamadork
Barrow (he/him)Alexander Doddyhe/him@Alex_Doddy
Tinnick (she/her)Deanna Pistonoshe/her@badgercurry
Sal (she/her)Marnie Warnershe/her@Marnie_McFly
Shammic (he/him)Colin Killickhe/him@killickwrites
Shid (he/him)Greg Vinciguerrahe/him@GregSaysStuff
Mondev (they/them)Briar Zacharythey/them@Galactic_chief
Dowden TheaterDerrick Davishe/him@DerrickDavisVO
River (he/him)Thom Guttridgehe/they@TomGuttridge
Cross (he/him)Stewart Moyerhe/him@Reduxist
Monster VocalizationsRyan R. Smithhe/him@idealvoiceovers

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